April 8/23….Candidasa

This is more my style. It has natural beauty of the mountains and hills with the largest volcano on Bali close by as well as the ocean.

I went snorkelling in the morning along with Hannah and Martin. I think we had the best excursion where most people went to see more temples….with more walking/hiking up hills (in their overbearing heat/humidity). They also had to pay more once they got to each temple. My excursion for 2 hours of being in the water plus the half hour noat ride in either direction for 250,000 IDR…about $25 CAD. Surprisingly, where Wayan took us was close to the freighter terminal. It had the best coral I have ever seen with lots and lots of fish including “Nemo”. I have a ton of pictures that I took just with my phone so are not as good quality as say National Geographic. I have to go through them yet.

Then I got another massage trying to get this problem/pain under control and then hung out at the pool. We all got together to say goodbye to Kristel and Kristen as they were catching a flight that evening to Singapore. Later was a goodbye dinner with Gede and the rest of the group and got to watch a Balinese dancer followed by a band. Gede was ending this tour with us 18 people while another group he was guiding to Lombok that was only 6….all women. He is a great guide! We leave in the morning for our flight back to Bangkok and the start of a tour of southern Thailand.

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