April 9-Bali to Bangkok

Observations …. Bali is a mishmash of mostly housing with family temples. …..some rice fields thrown in… no order, every square inch occupied except in area around Candidasa. Someone explained that the traffic was so extremely busy because there is only the main roads and the ones that fan out from them do not connect up with any others. They are all dead ends…..no shortcuts. But……the roads are in surprisingly good condition (no pot holes like we have but then they don’t have the freezing and thawing). There are no “big highways” elevated or otherwise, almost all are only 2 lanes wide. The other thing I noticed was that the electrical wires are not like huge piles of spaghetti like they are in a lot of other countries I’ve been. The people are absolutely lovely. I would come back if I came to a beach location & there was a time of the year when the humidity/heat was less…..OMG!

We arrived in Bangkok with no issues at the airports in either Bali or Bangkok….yeah. That is half the battle.

I noticed flying in, that Bangkok on the other hand, is all laid out in grids (unlike Bali). The agricultural areas like the residential are all rectangular, probably 10 times longer than wide….in strips.

Our guide from UTO met us at the airport….another yeah……and took us to our hotel, the Bangkok Palace. The lobby is quite lovely and the rooms are okay but the strangely, the entrance is under the elevated highway.

“Sawaddee Ca”is good morning, afternoon or evening in Thai language. Geesh, I have a tough time remembering how to say anything in written another language. This one going to be another. And ….well the written language is just impossible…..so foreign to us.

Tomorrow we see some different things here and then head to Pattaya.

1 thought on “April 9-Bali to Bangkok

  1. Vivien

    Ah, beauty full Thailand, was my favourite place in the world until Tahiti, I’m sure you will enjoy your adventure. Do u get go go to Krabi? How r u feeling? Great massages in Thailand too. Take good care. 💜

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