April 7-Ubud to Candidasa

I woke to terrible pains in my left leg and hip….not my usual problem area. I am thinking sciatica??? Was it because I had that reflexology massage yesterday??? Anyway, after some painkillers, pressing my ball & walking to get a fridge magnet it is definitely better although not gone.

We checked out at noon leaving Ubud, heading to Candidasa. I see that if I was a shopper and could handle the heat, this would be a great place to go. Oh, but the traffic is incredible and would be a lot worse if the people on bikes were in cars. But, the bikes are impatient and all about “me first”. Don’t give them an inch or they will take a mile. But….I never did see an accident or road rage, just a different culture, I guess.

Celuk… where we stop at a gold and silver museum and factory of people doing all different kinds handwork…..amazing! There were scads of beautiful jewellery for sale. There are lots of gold and silversmith shops in this town as well, there is a huge amount of wood caving done, the skill passed down from one generation to the next.

Teeduck means no thank you.

We went for lunch at the Crispy Duck Restaurant for lunch…beautiful setting and had crispy duck.

White and yellow sarong on statues is to almighty god, black and white checkered is to the spirits. Later we ran into another ceremony on the road. They are displaying the Hindu colours with one added….Red to Brahma, a special god, along with the usual white, black & yellow. All statues on the streets have like a sarong draped around them. They are replaced every 6 months when they have their new ceremony.

Gas is 13300 IDR / litre so about $1.20 CAD. That is considerably cheaper than at home but then if you only make $400/ month, it’s no wonder they drive motorcycles.

We stop at Court of Justice that was used from 1910-45 . On the ceiling there are pictures to show what your punishment is. One is a smack or B eating for misbehaving children to their mothers. Another …. Boiling crooked politicians, punishment for adulterers, etc……. The next structure is called a floating palace… private for family guests only. The next building we went in was a museum. One display was of daggers returned by Dutch 2 years ago. The Dutch had them since the war.

Saw a sign…”Fuckboy Barbershop”

I have so many more pictures that I would love to share but unfortunately this site is being uncooperative.

1 thought on “April 7-Ubud to Candidasa

  1. Vivien

    Hope you are feeling better and your pain stays away. Duck looks fabulous! I remember the traffic, so many motorcycles. Enjoying everything you r sending, thanks for sharing. 💜

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