Apr. 6-Ubud

I mistakenly deleted what I had written on the site so am going to have to try and remember. It might be a little short.

The hotel where we’re staying was really the best so far…… inside and out. The entrance at the street left a lot to be desired but inside …. Perfect!

The night we arrived the saw monkeys on the roof….. an introduction to monkeys at Monkey Forest just down from us.

Before heading out for the day, Kiera videoed in excess of 100 monkeys running across the roofs and grounds including the pools ….sceaming as they went. I will try to post it. Nope…..sorry it won’t download!

In morning we went to Monkey Forest. It is really beautiful forest with lots of stone sculptures but also cemetery and place of worship. In Bali if someone dies the cost for private cremation ceremony is 10,000 CAD. If you cannot afford it then they bury the bodies in the cemetery. After 5 years, they dug up the bones, cremate them and in public ceremony. That will cost only $500 CAD. Quite a difference.

After that I went for a reflexology massage partly because my feet are so swollen and burning. So cheap! Mine was 3/4 hour for 110,000 IDR or $11 CAD. Helen had a full body massage, scrub and food reflexology massage that was 3 hours for $310,000 IDR…. $31 CAD.

The rest of the day we just hung out at the pool/hotel cuz it was just too damned hot. The Weather Network said it was 30 but felt like 39.

Later we went to a restaurant about a 20 minute hike up the hill from the hotel called Bumi Bali…. Yum! While there the skies opened up…. OMG! We were even getting wet inside the restaurant. It certainly helped to cool things off.

Sorry but this site is not allowing me to download photos and videos….frustrating!

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