Day 4-Apr 5… Kintamani to Ubud

Got up for the sunrise but clouds preventing it from being spectacular but the day looks pretty nice. The view is gorgeous.

We went to the Volcanology museum.

Full moon ceremonies all around Bali today. At one place traffic came to a complete standstill because the ceremonies were happening right there before our eyes.

Coffee plantation… coffee and tea plus traditional house compound.

4 elements in daily offerings. Offering for food before eating. Balinese never cry when someone dies cuz they are brought up from a child that we are all going to better place. They explained the procedure but besides cremation I am not going to get into but it involves the 4 elements…earth, water, wind and fire

Here we try cat poop coffee (Luwak). They produce all kinds of spices here….aromic ginger, ginger, poo coffee… (the cats eat the ripe Arabica beans), Robusta coffee, arabica coffee, cocoa, galanga, lemon grass, cinnamon. This family plantation is 6 hectare in size. Of the teas we tried, my preferences were turmeric as well as mangosteen and of the different coffees….Avocado coffee.

From there we went to lunch at the GAdventures supported Planeterra. It supports mostly physically handicapped people where they learn to waiter and cook …. all things about running a restaurant as well as they are taught to sew and music programs and computers and typing. It is also supported by many locals with food stuffs. We had a wonderful lunch and so support these poor individuals that are rejected by their society as well as their own families in a lot of cases.

Gedesuka our guide, supports a free english school for 60 village students. He gets no help from the government.

4 thoughts on “Day 4-Apr 5… Kintamani to Ubud

  1. Gail

    Luwack coffee no thanks, I thought it was terrible. Always a parade/procession of some sort in Bali, one of my very favourite destinations. Really loved Sanur & Ubud, but lots of traffic especially in Ubud along with the monkeys that I found scary. They’ll rob you blind in a flat second!

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