Day 3-Apr. 4 Munduk to Kintamani

After breakfast we head off to hot springs. It was quite lovely but because the water is heated by the volcano, there was a slight smell of sulphur.

Our CEO when I asked if there was a drug problem here, he told me “some …. Not much…but then they have death penalty for selling”. Maybe they should try that at home!!!

Apparently the average monthly income is only 400CAD so a lot of people leave to make money….. not surprising!!! Our CEOs own son has just recently started working on Seven Seas Splendour cruise ship

Lovina is known for dolphin sightings and snorkeling off black sand beaches. Singaraja in northern part (used to be capital) lots of schools cuz it’s cheaper for accommodation than Denpasar (the capital since 1967). Like so many parts of the world restaurants and businesses are still at only 30% of pre-COVID.

Stopped at largest market….Gede suka bought different fruits and sweet for us to try. Salak-snake skinned fruit & Doldol made with black rice, brown sugar, coconut milk…yum!

Temperature is 30 but feels like 36…..OMG the perspiration is running into my eyes.

Indonesia including Bali was colonized by the Dutch

We drove a few more minutes after having lunch at a sort of group of food kiosks. I had bakso like what President Obama apparently always liked. They are meat balls, noodles and pork rinds in a broth that you can add tomato, sweet and chilie sauces to…. all for about 2.50CAD ….. cheap!

From there we went a temple (Beji Temple) built in 1500’s that we had to put on sarongs to enter. We were allowed to enter as far as the centre

Batur Temple is 2nd largest temple in Bali …celebration tomorrow ….bamboo decorations on the street symbolize the dragon

Batur volcano…1717 meters high. We saw it off in the distance but now we are socked in again. We arrive at our hotel right on the rim of the caldera overlooking the 13 sq mile lake and the volcano right in the middle. It last erupted in 2000. Later it cleared so we could see it.

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