Day 2-Apr 3…Sanur to Munduk

As we are driving our CEO (Gedesuka) provides information on customs and other information that I really like…..that what I take tour for….to find out about the place I am visiting.

There are more Hindus and Buddhists than Muslims so things are not closed for Ramadan. Oomsuntisiu (I may have spelled that incorrectly)….is the greeting with hands together. …..on forehead is to God almighty, on upper chest ….to the person you are facing and tip of fingers pointing down is to bad spirit (along with offering so as to be looked on favourably)

White colour sarong to wear to temple, dark for sad occasion, colourful to wedding. Jatiluwih waterfall translate to “truly beautiful”. Unfortunately,it was raining so hard it would have been dangerous to walk down to it so we didn’t go.

150,000 IDR is usual cost for lunch and/or dinner…about 15 CAD. Tipis usually 10% and tax of 6% is included in price. We give 200,000 IDR to Gedesuka to be given to bus driver, busboys, etc as the total tip for the week. I like doing it this way.

“Ice cubes” are made from mineral water so safe to have otherwise do not have ice

The floating Temple on the lake was from the 16th century. Braton Lake, Twin Lake then to waterfall. Denpasar is capital now. The country is no more a kingdom but governors are head now.

Working week is Monday to Saturday.

Kindergarten to university plus medical has to be paid. It is not free. Only wealthy families send their children to university. Each family house has family temple , family live together including grandparents. But instead of rooms for everyone they have separate buildings for parents boys and girls… owner must be balinese people.

CEO has homestay (wife looks after customers)for yolo G plus sells to market herbal drinks and pork sausage on line too besides tourism.

20 x3 /day @ 2000 idr each for offerings

Mount Batu karum terraced rice fields. Most rice takes 6 months to grow. Springs on mountains are used for irrigation. Sort of co-op organization. The land is considered heritage and so cannot be sold to outsiders only to Subuk organization members… keeping like our agricultural land reserve… must stay agricultural. Each owner has temple on their land Getting back up was 16 flights from the rice fields ….omg

Macaque monkeys… not many animals here

3 thoughts on “Day 2-Apr 3…Sanur to Munduk

  1. Vivien

    16 flights…I would not have made it. I do remember the beauty of the rice fields ( but in Thailand ). Went white water rafting, and scuba diving for the first time in Bali, didn’t do a full tour, just day trips from our hotel in Kuta Beach. Look forward to your blog, thanks for sharing.

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