Day 31- Dec 15/22- drive to Franz Josef

As we head south, we drive up into the Southern Alps-beautiful…. Not unlike driving up the Malahat or other mountain areas in BC with windy 2 lane highways. Stopped for a short walk at Lewis Pass. Clouds hanging low…moss on the trees. Victoria Falls Park

Reefton… town of light. First electricity before NY and San Francisco. Hydro power plant.. old town…quaint.

Quite a number of trucks hauling ores of some sort. Cattle farms as we come into flatter areas. Saw aerial sprinklers for first time here.

Later we stopped at Hokitika….on the “wild west coast”, shopped for jade and abalone jewellery, food and sit by the beach… watched the crashing waves come in.

This picture of one of the seals, was taken the day before by Mareike….. beautiful!

We arrive at Franz Josef in the rainforest, in the rain, in the low clouds with no promise that tomorrow will be any better. So probably no hell-hiking for some, helicopter ride to the glacier, etc. that J and I planned on and probably no skydiving for others.

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