Day 30-Dec 14/22-Kaikoura

Up at 4:30 this morning to be to the “Dolphin Encounter” by 5:10am. We had to don wet suits, wet jacket, wet helmet, flippers and goggles. What a procedure to get it all on. You would think that that beautiful turquoise ocean was warm… tropical…. NOT!!! Even with all that on it was cold. Anyway, we swam with the dusty dolphins….. hundreds and hundreds. So cool! They are about my height in length. They were close…. not quite touching but about 3’ away from me. The ocean had quite a swell on it…. some didn’t do so well especially since we weren’t able to have coffee and breaky before.

After another drive we arrive in Hanmer Springs where there are a large number of wonderful geothermal pools that we soaked in. Sorry but I didn’t take any pictures. It would be a great place to go for a “mini”vacation.

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