Day 29-Dec 13/22 off to Kaikoura

Looks like another gorgeous day…. Yeah! We are at the lobby by 6:45, meet our new CEO Hayden (AKA… Chilli) transferred to airport, leaving the ground at 8:45 without a hitch. That’s a good sign.

Overcast in Christchurch, got our bus and on the road by 10:35.

We stopped at a winery along the way

The way. “Kiss of the devil”… cassis, tequila ice, ginger beer, lime juice

Stopped for lunch in a 2nd town…. Like so many places at home, the first one didn’t survive COVID so we had to move onto another town.

After that we drove through quite a tree covered mountainous region….. like home. And then to the coastline. Beautiful! Then some people saw dolphins in the water. There’s still road work being done on the highway ….the repair after damage caused by 7.8 earthquake a few years ago.

Arrived at Kaikoura … the water… a brilliant turquoise blue with white crashing waves….. really quite windy. After taking our stuff to the room, a number of us went to find the fur seals. And that we did….. along with some nesting hills that quite ticked off that we were near their young. The group of seals had a baby and ten a couple of the adults had a fight…..or maybe it was foreplay.

8679 steps

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