Day 32-Dec 16-Franz Josef/Waiau

As expected, today is a bust with nothing happening….. not interested in hiking in the rain, nor kayaking in the rain. Some did go kayaking, some took a shuttle to a viewpoint to see the glacier…. It was quite a distance away.

I walked over the “Franz Josef West Coast Wildlife Centre”. I saw a couple of 10 month old baby kiwis. We’re not allowed to take photos so sorry folks. Learned about the rarest of them, the rowi…. How so few of them in the wild survive attacks by dogs, rat, but mostly stoats that look like mink. Apparently a concerted effort is being made to capture and eradicate the stoats and other predators. I also read about glaciers and other animals some, like the Himalayan Tahr that have been introduced from other countries and are now becoming a problem.

Two nights in a row we went to a restaurant called Alice May’s …. Quite the story! The food was the best we’ve had. The decor was pretty interesting too.

As I am sure I mentioned, this is a rainforest…. Did I mention rain!

3742 steps…. Who wants to hike in the rain!!! ….6000 the day before and 6500 the day before that. It looks like we are running out of steam… yup!!!

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