Day 19-Dec 3/22-Wauchope to the Blue Mountains

We left for town to grab breakfast just after 8 and were to leave by 9 with our next stop to be the koala hospital/sanctuary for the victims of the fires a couple of years ago. We all piled back into the bus only to have it not start. Our bus driver/ CEO Sam hunted down the battery (not easily found) but didn’t have hardly any tools. First he went to a mechanic’s shop for ideas on how to fix it cuz we didn’t have trouble starting it in the morning. He came back and tried to fix it but was lacking a proper sized wrench so then had to go and purchase one. 2 hours later he turned the key, it started, everyone cheered and we were off to see the koalas.there is a wealth of information that might find interesting if you read the info boards…

I was mistaken that these koalas are there only because of the fires. Mostly they are there because they’ve been hit by vehicles. Of course drivers don’t stop for pedestrians so why would they stop for koalas. Also they are losing their natural habitat and will not hesitate to cross a road in order to find another tree. We saw a momma and a baby Joey (just like a baby kangaroo… because they are both marsupials…. they both keep their baby in a pouch). The Joey was under a year, had been born in the sanctuary. There was another a bit older. The momma had been found wandering in the middle of town so they don’t know where her area was to release her back to. Other koalas have eye injuries, another has no pads on its feet and hands because of fires so can never climb again. Damn they are so cute and cuddly looking. Did you know they sleep 20 hours a day….. it’s kinda hard to get a. Picture if one awake and moving. I have a video but unable to send.

We all go back to the bus only to find we have the problem again. It wasn’t long before Sam got it going again but then he decided it would be good to get a new battery so back to Port Macquarrie we went to spend several more hours hanging around the beautiful waterfront. I watched a group of young teens jump into the water from posts on the wharf. We left just after 3pm.

Blue mountains get the name from the blue haze that the eucalyptus trees give off.

Stopped at Lake Macquarrie on the north side of Sydney…just for a break. Saw some birds in the trees…. Looked like parrots.

Arrived at our destination at 11pm….knackered!

Only 6526…. Not surprising!!!

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