Day 18-Dec. 2/22-Byron Bay to Port Macquarrie

I awoke to pouring torrential rains….again! It’s relentless!!!

After getting breaky at bakery (they make fabulous pies in Oz) we went from jungle and relentless rain to rolling hills and sun (and cloud) in under 10 minutes…… amazing!

Passed through an area just around Ballinas, that obviously have had fires in the eucalyptus trees. They seem to have regrown the leaves on most. I missed it but there was a ladder that crossed over the highway so that the koalas can safely cross the highway.

Stopped at Coffs Harbour at the”Big Banana”, an amusement /theme park, etc.

From there to Port Macquarrie, and Wauchole where we are spending the night.

January 25, Australia Day the day the British came ashore and massacred the aboriginals. For the natives it’s a day of mourning. Also called the “Hottest Day when they hear the hottest music, bbq and drink too much beer.

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4 thoughts on “Day 18-Dec. 2/22-Byron Bay to Port Macquarrie

  1. VIVIEN Evans

    I always used the comments, but apparently reply direct works. So much rain, but the pictures are just awesome…and you are in a part of Oz I haven’t seen so thanks for sharing!! Sorry the weather has been a downer for you, something you can’t count on…there is lots of snow on the island, Victoria snow melted, Nanaimo & Courtenay have tons! I’m heading to PVR with my daughter next week for just a week, praying for sunshine, I’m so excited to be going somewhere after over 3 years. Maybe next year I can do a real adventure…tba…to Malta or Turkey…still want to go to Vietnam. Hope you are both enjoying your GAdventure, I look forward to your posts and have my fingers crossed the weather improves for the rest of your trip. Where is your favorite spot so far? Can hardly wait to see where you go next. Cyber hugs, Vivien

    Kindest regards, Vivien


    1. gailgrant49 Post author

      Thx……weather has been good the last two days but tomorrow is going to rain …unbelievable!

      Enjoy Mexico! Where are you going?

      BTW….we are all disappointed in this Gadventures tour…..very!!! Our CEO is NOT a guide. Nice guys both of them but we are not learning anything…..that is very important for me. If I just wanted to drive from one place to another, have free time and go to suggested restaurants, I could do that on my own. Other than the fact I have a couple more tour with them already booked, I will not be booking anymore unless they improve.

      Actually I think the Cleland Wildlife Park was the best cuz we got to pet koalas and Kangaroos.





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