Day 17-Dec 1/22-Byron Bay

Irukandji jellyfish is the name of the little stinger buggers in Australia. They are little…..the size of your thumbnail. You cannot see them in the water but they can kill you. The other day while snorkeling, I felt a little bite on my upper pec, realizing the zipper on my suit wasn’t pulled all the way up…,.. no lasting effects. Others felt them too.

The weather is very nasty (winds and torrential rains) so some activities were cancelled…. Skydiving and ocean kayaking but some brave souls got going at 7:10 to have a bite and then went to learn to surf. Since stuff was cancelled our CEO Sam is touring us around. Sorry cannot send videos.

Stone and Wood is the brewery pub where we went for lunch. The company said it would hold out on any buyout by Coopers but caved too. There are only 1% of all craft breweries left that are independent

Next to another brewery for most people trying a “flight”. From there we went to the Byron Lighthouse, the most easterly point in Australia.

It is most powerful light, strongest in Australia with the light having 760 prisms weighing 8 tonnes. We just about got blown away and I lost my yellow “Sou’wester hat” that I got in Nova Scotia 😢. I am hoping that I won’t need it ever again…. Yah right!

6850 steps

2 thoughts on “Day 17-Dec 1/22-Byron Bay

  1. Vivien

    Wow…what weather you are having. I am enjoying you posts and pics, keep them coming. btw I can always comment even tho I would like too…it just wont post my. Hugs

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