Day 16-Nov 30/22- Airlie Beach to Byron Bay

I was going to mention before but kept forgetting to but OMG the room/suite numbering is weird. For example, there were several rooms booked for us on the same door as us….,on Level “3” that was above level L-street level, B-car park level & level 1… reception and restaurant. We were on the next level but our room number was 7H, others were 9F and others were 10 something or other. Insane!!! Anyone ever heard of that kind of numbering?

We don’t actually have to leave here before 4 today so since we could leave our luggage in the lobby, we took a walk into town…..for me to get fridge magnets. I also ended up buying a top. On the way I spotted a Masked Lapwing. We all picked up some food and drinks & Sam bought more food (at the park by the beach) & a cake in celebration of Alan’s birthday.

I am not, I am not, I am not complaining about the heat and humidity but it is f..n stinking uncomfortable ….. makes me quite ill.

At 4 we head to the airport for a 7:10pm flight to Brisbane followed by a bus ride to Byron Bay, arriving around midnight….. yuk! Actually we arrived at 1am New South Wales time (time change) in the pouring rain.

We have been upgraded to a 5 star hotel in Byron Bay called Crystalbrook

8528 steps

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