Day 15-Nov 29/22- Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays

We are to go out on a sailboat for the day, to snorkel the reefs and such… meet the CEO for 7:15 for it bus ride to the marina. ….that was late and now we sit waiting at the marina…. for what I don’t know….. the deckhands to show up.

First full moon in November the coral spawns… catch it nets to replant.

Tricadesmia-coral spawn

10:40at spot. ….Hook Island …Cockatoo Point where we snorkelled for an hour, then lunch on board. We got lots of videos (that are impossible to load on this site. Sorry but only a few stills.

Hayman Island (was a 6 star… the help is never seen cuz they use tunnels… now a 5 star because of the damage) and Hamilton Island – cyclone Debbie destroyed much of the vegetation (some still has not recovered) and a good number of homes.

Only 5123 step although some of us walked up to the lookout on the island, into town for dinner and back. We had quite the workout and are all exhausted. The day was supposed to be terrible with rain and lightning but instead had a beautiful day…. Too beautiful. We all got burn regardless of wearing sunscreen.

3 thoughts on “Day 15-Nov 29/22- Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays

  1. Jacquie Magee


    It looks like you are having SOooo much fun! Great photos. I have to agree with the Gilligan Observation, but really appreciate the update About the Baobob tree. That’s what happened to Me — I’m making room to store water!

    Enjoy your trip, stay safe. Kind of jealous, gotta tell you.

    J sends

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