Day 20- Dec 4/22-Scenic World in Blue Mountains

Leura is the area where our accommodation is. Katoomba is the town where we go to “ScenicWorld” and where we went for lunch. Scenic World has the steepest railway in the world (a 52 degree incline… check the pictures. I would say it was a funicular instead of a railway but that’s what they are calling it. Getting in and sitting down was interesting. The seat was in the form of an open “V”.

Walking through the rainforest we heard a Lyrebird… a cool chirping sound but we didn’t could not see one. There are vines that are so strong they can hold up the family car.

The cableway is 240 meters … breathtaking!

Another cable car skyway 270 meters is the highest in Australia ……where we see the 3 Sisters …spectacular scenery. The view reminds me of God’s Window in South Africa only better. There was really tall waterfall called Katoomba Falls that we could see on the way across the open span

On walk to a lookout to be closer to the 3 Sisters there were plants that resembled Protea but were called Bancksia.

Now off to a hike to a waterfall and another lookout. My right leg is not liking this climbing up and down stairs/inclines.

After we had lunch in town in Katoomba, we wandered through an alley with some pretty awesome street art. I would prefer it if instead of the tagging that is done at home, they did stuff like this. While on the main street I noticed a “strange looking dude” with blond dreadlocks, explanation-mark like face paint, a knitted torque with earflaps, wearing a ruffled black skirt over jogging pants. I’m now wondering if he was one of the artists!

One thing we have found was that many of the hotels have no one on their front desk beyond say 4pm. They leave a key in a lock box or leave the keys in the open room.

10,712 steps.

If there are no pictures someone let me know and I will send them separately. I seem to have them up and then I don’t.

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