Day 9-Nov 23/22-Walking tour and tram ride in Melbourne

The British came to Australia in 1835.

Gold was discovered in the 1850’s about 100 miles away but then there was a land boom in 1880s when Melbourne became the world’s richest city.

The train station, St Paul’s Cathedral. Royal arcade. 1892 clock in royal arcade -dings every 15 min.

1892… the “Block” in 1902 where they did the walk and gossip was passed

The General Post Office was used until 1992

250 different languages spoke in Melbourne among 5 M population so it really is a multicultural city.

Aboriginals have been here for 40-60,000 years.

Yarra River ….. brown water. Upside down river … silt sits on the top and that is why it’s brown. Of course all the recent rains have compounded things.

I’m not exactly thrilled with this city. Maybe cuz it’s just too big although with very interesting architecture but no animals and no natural world stuff that I love. Tomorrow we fly to Cairns where we expect the weather will be hot and humid…. And then we’ll all be complaining about that…lol!

Steps today 6600 (8190 later after we walked to our goodbye to Luigi dinner). I believe several others will be leaving us too…. Karen and Steve, Julia and Danielle who are all going to Tasmania.

1 thought on “Day 9-Nov 23/22-Walking tour and tram ride in Melbourne

  1. Vivien

    Cairns is a beauty full coastal city, you can snorkle the great barrier reef from there, zip line, and eat crocodile, roo etc. Sure hope the weather will be considerably warmer since its tropical. Safe journey, enjoy.💖

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