Day 10- Nov 24/22-off to Cairns

Gained an hour on landing here in Cairns (3+ hour flight). Oh my, quite the change in temperature. It is hot 32C and humid but we are are not going to complain.

Lots of mangroves.

Our driver from the airport (not our CEO, whose name is Sam) said to expect lightning and thunder tonight. Here they haven’t had their usual amount of rain. The Tonga volcanic eruption in January probably is the cause of upset of weather. Ever other person has another reason for the unusual weather.

The British came here in 1876. They were after timber.

Coral Sea…Trinity Bay is the body of water here. Apparently there is to be no swimming in the ocean here…..not sure why. A good number of us decided to go in the pool to cool off. It was like a bath….very warm, so didn’t exactly do the trick…..wet but not cool. Too hot for me to wander around town. After our meetup, we 16 (plus CEO) people with exception of Jeanette, all walked to dinner. On the way back we walked through a night market. Nothing too exciting there but I am not a shopper.

Tomorrow on our way to Cape Tribulation, we will lose all internet connection and cell service so don’t expect to hear anything.

I have not taken much in the way of pictures but this is a beautiful very tropical city/town. It is much smaller than the other 2 major cities we’ve been.

10,109 steps

4 thoughts on “Day 10- Nov 24/22-off to Cairns

  1. gerrywillner

    Hi Gail, we went to Cairns also.  It was hot, only stayed a few days.  Your having such a lovely trip.  Gerry Sent from my Galaxy


  2. Rae Holmes

    Looks very pretty, I finally got to read some, I will go back and look at the others , I know they’re great, you always tell such informational news about your places you’ve been. It’s great.



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