Day 8-Nov 22/22-Mornington Peninsula to Melbourne

Another blustery day. We were to go to Arthur’s Seat Lookout but we wouldn’t have been able see anything so opted out. So….. we went straight to Brighton Beach and their famous beach boxes. Some of them built in the 1860’s, some around 1934 and 7-8 between 1988 and 2007. They have no electricity, no running water, you cannot stay in them. They are essentially just for storage…. Surf boards and other stuff you’d use at the beach. The last one sold for 360,000 AUD.

Then it was to lunch in Brighton Beach….. what a posh looking place. Kinda reminded me of Beach Drive in Oak Bay/Victoria.

Then onto the huge metropolis of Melbourne with its great skyscrapers. our hotel is called Causeway 353. It literally is in a causeway or lane hence the view is spectacular….. not!

Oops, forgot to write number of steps. Nov 19…10,619; Nov 20…10,441; Nov 21….. 9468 steps. Today not a lot of walking ….7360.

2 thoughts on “Day 8-Nov 22/22-Mornington Peninsula to Melbourne

  1. Vivien

    Enjoying all your posts Gail, thank you. Love the beach cottages, and the beach pics. Too bad the weather is so blustery, hope it improves. Loved Melbourne city, very multicultural, I had the best spanopakita ever there, until I went to Greece. R u going to see the fairy penguins? What company r u travelling with?

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    1. gailgrant49 Post author

      Some of the group went to Phillip Island the day before last. We decided against going partly because of the weather. I had seen lots of penguins before. We may be able to see them here.

      We are traveling with “GAdventures”.





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