Pictures from last couple of days

Lovely Art Deco building in downtown San Jose

San Jose’s answer to the “Walk of Love” on the Cinque Terra???

Not sure what these trees are but they look like our flowering plums/cherries

More of the carvings at the rest stop on our return to San Jose. We had stopped there on our tour….on the way to Monteverde.

Different coloured squirrel than we have……outside our condo. It is white with a black back….very pretty

Pretty yellow and black bird at Coco

Outside our condo in Coco

Another of this lovely red bird

Another pretty bird I captured ….in Coco

3 thoughts on “Pictures from last couple of days

  1. Ron Roger

    Great pictures! You go girl and keep it up. Traveling on Wed. To Port. Will call. Cheers Ron.

    On Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 4:21 AM gailstraveladventures wrote:

    > gailgrant49 posted: ” Pretty yellow and black bird at Coco ” >

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