Coco and San Jose

Garra -rufa ish are kind of fish used in fish spas. They eat your skin… only fish that have no teeth… cool!cost 10,000 colones or $22CAD for 15 minutes.

A funny thing I saw in a shop in Coco. I had found a dress I wanted to try on but there were no clerks visible so I went looking for one. What do I find at the first open door but two young people laying on the cement floor with wet cloths on their foreheads…. on their devices. They barely moved as they told me that the change room was the next door. Obviously I was not the only one having trouble with the heat.

On Sunday the 17th we left our extremely spacious well appointed 3 bedroom condo (60 stairs up and 60 steps down. The grounds of the complex were manicured to the nth degree and every time you drove in, your pass was scanned).

The drive back to San Jose was uneventful but over 4 hours long….. not just down the road! The unfortunate part of returning the car on a Sunday (it was the same when picking it up) is that the main street that the car rental was on (Paseo Colon) was closed for the day …. for 2 months each year so that the kids would have playground. There were trampolines, zip-lines and sack races. Fun for them. Most of the streets in the area are one-ways. We (even the cabbie from the week before) could not find our way back to the rental place. I eventually got out and walked to it and asked them to help us….. just in time. The same fellow that rescued us (he couldn’t speak English but we got it figured out) end up putting our luggage back in the car and driving us to our new home away from home for the next 2 days. Not quite the same level of quality but still very nice…. and it had a pool!

Monday the 18th we walked into the centre of town (past the car rental place) to the Centro Mercado.

Not too exciting! While down there we went into a cathedral. Not spectacular…. and cabbed it “home”

Passion flower vine (pasiflora) in a most spectacular red. I’ve never seen it that colour before.

Roots of the old trees along Paseo Colon… amazing!

One of the many pink buses (along with a whole lot of brilliantly coloured buses…. in front of the cathedral in San Jose

Produce cartage… San Jose

Inside the cathedral

More cathedral

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