Hanging bridges of Monteverde

Lichen hanging in the trees


So many Bromeliads in the trees

Elephant Ears Philodendron

Bird of paradise

Bromeliad hiding place for vipers… searching food of frogs and hummingbirds

Sapphora… most wonderful fruit

Agouti…largest rodent

Coati….so hard to capture… move too fast. Almost blind but smell and sense vibrations for food. Biggest Coati in world.

Blue crown muttmutt

2 toed sloth…live for 20 yrs… only one (of the two types) that can survive at these altitudes and lower temperatures as opposed to 3 toed sloth which needs higher temperatures. Predators are puma, Jaguars & ocelots. They poop like cats … dig hole then cover up so the big cats don’t know they are in the trees above.

Ficus tree … biggest parasite tree in the country….takes 40-50 years to kill host. Can reach 500 years old.

53 types of hummingbirds in country. Males makes the nest. Vipers are their predator.

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