6, 7 & 8 January 31, February 1 & 2 …….in La Fortuna.

Can’t seem to find if I posted this before. Forgive me if I have.

Feb 1…Kayaking with Jeanette and guide Gustavo. The other kayakers were Barbara from Ottawa, Suzanna from Sudbury via Hungary, Diane from England and Anne from upstate NY. All are with Toucan tours and J and I with GADVENTURES

It was a good work-out of my core muscles just trying to get across the open windy waters of Arenal Lake….. a first time in a kayak for me. I paddle outrigger at home but this is different. Once across, the waters were peaceful and calm checking out the shore for the many egrets, osprey and a wild pig….which I missed because it moved so quickly.

The views of Arenal Volcano were spectacular….the sky clear so we could see the little puffs of steam coming out.. usually it is “shy”. Apparently it could be weeks when it is impossible to see the volcano.

Later in the evening we three went to “EcoTermales” mineral springs….a natural hot spring. The water is heated by the volcano. Oh my was that wonderful! Hot water pools, cool water pools and waterfalls pounding on sore muscles.. pure heaven.

Next day the 2nd, a bunch of us went white-water rafting down the Balsa River. This is the dry season but there is a hydro electric dam on the river but a certain times of the day, they open the floodgates…good for us. So…..it was so much fun! There were probably 8 rafts with 6 in each but…..no one went for an unscheduled dump. I’ve done it a few times before but this was the best even if it was rated only a three.

Later we went to another hot springs Los Lagos, which was more commercial type operation..with hotel . We three preferred the first. The others on the tour, did not go to the first so how could they compare

2 thoughts on “6, 7 & 8 January 31, February 1 & 2 …….in La Fortuna.

  1. Judie Brightmore

    This is so cool. I’m reading a book right now that’s about Los Logas, isn’t that odd that you are there at the same time. You go girl!!!!!!!! Luv ya Judie

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