14-15-February 9/19…. returning to San Jose from Puerto Viejo.

The roads seem to be in really pretty good shape although they are only one lane in either direction…. too small for the amount of traffic. This area around Limon is particularly heavy with semis and huge and medium sized buses. Limon is a major shipping port.

I would say a lot of the bridges are one lane with one direction having the right of way…. always ( according to the sign). Well ….at one such bridge, our bus had the right of way (I’m guessing) but a small car coming the other way thought he would go first (& the one behind)but at the mid pint when the bus did not stop for him, he threw up his hands then put his car in reverse as did the car behind and backed up. Our bus driver never skipped a beat in his conversation.

On the outskirts of Limon we had a flat tire. So …. off on the side of the road in the searing heat, our driver had to change the very flat tire. Poor guy! No roadside assistance here…. lol!

This smallish town of Puerto Viejo reminds me of an old hippie town with the scent of “weed” wafting in the air and the odd old codger looking pretty “wasted”. As we were walking along the beach we were asked if we wanted to buy some….. not! Apparently this town has been developing recently, a bad reputation for holdups and robberies. Not good because to me it would be a lovely place to go at another time.

Everywhere you see people riding bicycles (with no handbrakes) in the most beautiful colours (look for pictures). A good portion of our group went riding but Linda, Jeanette and I just walked around looking in the stores, stopping at an ATM, then stopping to take a dip in the Caribbean. We all brought along our own snorkel masks because snorkelling was on the optional activities list but…. ‘twas not to be. The sea is too rough….. much better for surfing!

Our hotel “Escape Caribeno” was really quite lovely with beautiful manicured gardens.

Tempurature 29C at 1:30. Very hot and HUMID!

The last leg in our return into San Jose is up in through the Braulio Carrillio Natl Park which includes the volcanic mountains of the continental divide. The rivers that come off the mountains from rain runoff become the water supply for the city of San Jose. The forests of this park help clean the pollution created by the 400,000 cars per day that come in & out of San Jose. Sucio River that brings the deposits from the volcano is orange…. like rust. Quite disgusting looking.

5 thoughts on “14-15-February 9/19…. returning to San Jose from Puerto Viejo.

  1. Wendy Brown

    Sounds like you’re really enjoying yourself Gail — happy for you!
    We’re still happily camping on the beach at SanCarlos — 8 weeks today. Sun, blue skies, birds and dolphins going by.
    Hope to see you in the spring. Wendy xo

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