13-February 7/19

Leaving our lovely beautiful lodge and grounds at La Baula Lodge across from Tortuguero…. 9:15 in am.

Approx 1.5 hrs on a river boat….(the only way in or out of the area unless in emergencies, a float plane can be used). The ride is lovely… relaxing. Arrive at Parasima….Cano Blanco at what is Costa Rica’s answer to a bus depot….. boats instead of buses …on the water. Funny but there was no stall to pull into so they just pushed their way in. This is the place to use the washrooms at a cost of 500 colones… about 1.10 CAD…. pick up some snacks and they try to short change you.

So then we get on a real bus for what is the worst bumpiest ride for forever….even worse than the tractor ride out if the cabin in the bush.

Up to 80% of reject fibres of stock of bananas used in paper production when product is not fir writing on.

Banana on conveyor belt..2nd choice, banana bunches or fingers into water are 1st quality and rejects with spots and whatnot go into baby food and used as thickening agent in many foods

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