Costa Rica more pictures

Weaver bird nests (same, same but different than in Africa!

A family of toads in the hotel pool. One tried to jump up Linda’s leg! Freaked me more than Linda.

A better image of a “cormorant” drying his wings (borrowed from someone else)

Jesus Christ Lizard


Baby birds

Another of the JC Lizard

Home on the waterfront in Tortuguero

Beautiful flower I saw in Tortuguero

The beach on the outside side of the island that is where Tortuguero is. That is the Caribbean!

Daniel with flower …. in Costa Rica called Angela Jolie lip.


A very pregnant spider monkey!


Linda at entrance to our hotel in Puerto Viejo

Check the colour of the water coming down from the volcano…. disgusting colour but it is only minerals

The view from our condo in Coco

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