Day 17… Playa Del Coco

We three left the GAdventures group of 16 plus our guide Daniel…. yesterday. It was wonderful meeting this group touring most of Costa Rica for the last 16 days. Now we are on our own for the next week plus. We had rented a car in San Jose, planning to drive to Playa del Coco to our new home away from home at Pacifico. The signage on the roads is less than ideal….. of course if we understood Spanish it would help… lol! Consequently we had turn around a couple of times and retrace our steps….. arriving here closer to 4.5 hours instead of 3.5. We were to meet our “concierge” before 3pm but when we arrived at his office, he was not there. As we were wondering how we were going to reach him….. with no wifi to call with, he arrived…phew! All was well. Beautiful huge 3 bedroom condo….. with a washer/dryer…. yes! Guess what we did after living out of a suitcase and kind of roughing it for the better part of 2 weeks? Yup…. laundry!

Finally we have good wifi so of course I have posted a whole lot of pictures etc. Maybe now I have caught up!!!

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