9-February 3/19 Sunday …..on way to Sarapiqui… (another of my notes that I missed)

Yellow nape parrot at first stop. Can live to 100 yrs. …mate for life … considering humans their mate. Because humans don’t live as long as parrots, when the owner dies the parrot is lost and lonely.

We are travelling to Arenal volcano (by bus) 2nd most active in world, and to La Fortuna across a lake… on boat then a bus.

Because of damage caused by the exploding volcano, the government moved the 2 destroyed villages. In doing so were able to make a huge damn for electricity …which began 1970. It created Arenal Lake.. biggest lake in Central America. The country’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2020 (I’m impressed) by the use of hydro dams, windmills.. (wind farms) and water heating by solar….. in hotels

Imported vehicles are taxed but electric cars are tax free.

Another innovative thing they have done, is drill a tunnel through mountains transporting water from the lake (on the Caribbean side of the continental devide) which is very wet… through to the dry side in Guanacaste province, hence making it arable farming.

We saw a herd of white nosed coatis….. all of which are female. Never are there males in the group unless they are mating. The more scars on their noses from fighting, the older they are …… They are very aggressive animals… don’t mess with them.

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