Dec. 21/17-Knysna and Jeanette’s b’day

Beautiful view looking out over our balcony at Lagoona Inn, to the Lagoon of Knysna.

Here for the day so touring around here.

Unbelievable number if KFC’s everywhere in ZA.

The forest fires they had here caused swathe of devastation through the forests plus over 1000 homes were destroyed. It happened in June of this year, their winter ….they think arson but they have been in a drought for a couple of year so didn’t have their normal rains.

9 + Brian went hiking along the rugged shoreline at Storms River Mouth and to a beautiful waterfall. Shandle, Jeanette and myself went for canopy tour..,.. zip lining. We had so much fun. Zip line …91 metres longest, 20 metres above forest floor &.10 lines. (650 Rand…65CAD… incl. light lunch after. How does that compare to home?).

Blue gum trees at tsitsigamma village…… huge.

We then went back to pick the others up. It is so gorgeous but I am glad we didn’t do the hike. Apparently it was extremely rocky, rugged and slippery. We got our work out though with a 600 metre uphill climb from the end of the zip line. We were under the understand that the others had got lunch before we finished zip lining but no.. their food wasn’t here yet. Same outfit as at Addo…… “Cattle Baron”. Never such slow service…, wouldn’t recommend.

Stopped at the worlds highest bungy jump. We watched as about 3 took the plunge. No thank you!!! Before going for dinner at “Dockside” at the Waterfront everyone got to check out the stores. I got tired of the shopping thing (no room for anything anyways) so I saw a bench and sat down…… thought I would wait for everyone else. Brian and Shandle came by and started to laugh…. pointed at the sign (that I hadn’t notice) that said “For tired husbands”…. asked if I was the husband….. not….. lol!!!! Apparently inside that same store was another sign that said “No

grumpy husbands allowed”. Too funny!

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