Dec. 22/17.. Knysna to Hermanus

Very busy little town… Nice!

Leave 8:40 but had to stop at pharmacy for drugs for Anne’s bite on her lip. Looks like a bad Botox job…. lol!

Beautiful drive along water except the hillsides are covered with miles of burnt trees.

Sedgefield… fresh water lake for fishing, cabins in woods, golfing… playground

So many highways throughout the country, have very wide paved shoulders. Slower vehicles drive on them so faster vehicles can pass. They could just make them another foot wider and call it another lane.

Place called Wilderness… lovely…. water activities like canoeing on right in fresh water. Left side is beautiful beaches on ocean. Garden route ends. At George…. pointed out a windy road in Outenigua Mountain Route 66…. great for motorcyclists.

No hitchhiking allowed on highway ….. fences to prevent it but it doesn’t stop people. Reason it’s not allowed cuz been cases of people being abducted, robbed and killed. So…. suggested if you do take a ride, take picture of licence and send msg. by WhatsApp at the time, to friend as a precaution.

Around Mossel Bay they start farming wheat, canola and maize (corn) …. ostrich farms….. also an oil refinery.

Olives grown.

Beautiful beautiful town of Hermanus. Went for very long walk along the cliffs into town….. a distance of maybe 7 kms. Later went into town to an upstairs restaurant overlooking the waterfront. Very nice! Ended it with Amarula toasts with everyone….. from Jeanette ….. in celebration for her birthday the day before.

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