Dec. 20/17. Addo to Knysna

Leaving our log cabins in the forest in Addo at 6:15 am. ….for our last game drive….. in the sunshine.

Rabbits,Kudus… when fully grown their horns are about 1 metre, family with offspring …..Red Hartebeests, Zebras…. lots and lots and lots…. some babies. Heard a lion roar. White tailed Mongooses……Stand erect like Meerkats. Comment ….. warthogs are most religious because they get down on their knees before eating & when running they are “Radio Africa” cuz they run with tails straight up…. lol! Egypian Geese, Hadedah Ibis

Herd of water buffaloes but too far.

Red Hartebeests….. young ones their horns shape like a heart hence the name. As they get older they curl out and back.

Huge herd of elephants at a waterhole…. a couple playing… then another, in the water trying to drown each other…. quite the performance. They were having fun. Quite a number of the female with no tusks causes by interbreeding. Bringing some males in from Kruger to mate and fix the problem. There was a big male secreting from its male organ looking for a female to breed with. Then the zebras came, an African Spoonbill, plus, plus…

Haven’t seen any Black Rhinos, Leopards or Cheetahs. I’d really like to seen another lion but ….. that’s nature. You cannot magically make the animals appear.

Spekboom….Drought resistant (succulent) plant… elephant food (leaves) esp. in Addo can live up to 200 years

Leave park after pit stop, fuel etc at 10:15 ish. Growing oranges.

Wind turbines on way to Port Elizabeth.

On outskirts of Port Elizabeth….Huge, huge cemetery that goes on and on. Sign on side of road…“Hijack Hot Spot”… then tin shacks then RDP…. homes built for poor people… have solar panels on roofs.

Big factories, ships in ocean, sand dunes and seashore, break water to protect the shore from waves and Oceania sitting at the dock. They also assemble vehicles here. One of major ports for distribution to rest of country. Freeways….oleander in the centre medians. Like on I5 in California.

Stopped at Tsitsikamma NP to see Big tree…Yellow Outeniqua 36.6 metres high….approx 1000 yrs old.

This on the great migration of elephants from centuries ago.

Staying at beautiful Lagoona Inn in Knysna. Across from Lagoon. We went to a lovely restaurant for dinner in the “Waterfront”. A little more pricey than usual for here but not compared to home.

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