Dec. 19/17 Kei Mouth to Addo Elephant Park

Leaving Benmore Lodge chalets for Addo at 6:50. Before 50 metres someone wants to stop to take pictures of giant snail so of course so did I. The weather is starting out to be sunny…. yeah!

When Kwa is preceeding a name as on a billboard along highway,it means that it is “belonging to” as in KwaZulu means belonging to the Zulu.

Change of vegetation.. now lots of cacti, aloes the size to trees, prickly pear and some kind of cactus maybe 20 feet tall and look mine that has a nasty attitude.

Different kind of “Traffic Calming”…. so said the signs….double sets of plastic seed bumps, maybe a foot apart…. on the highway. Never in my life have I seen more speed bumps than in this country. They are everywhere but this was the worst. It’s enough to make a person crazy never mind screw with your back.

Near Port Elizabeth Brian said as we turned off the highway that we will have about an 8km African massage then we will be back on paved road … lol! Oh my it was f..n rough.

190 elephants were killed in one year til only 11 were left. Now 600+

11 zebras, blue herons,Egyptian geese at watering plus other birds.

Warthogs….all males.

Lots more zebras. …. baby and mothers can recognize each other by definite stripe markings.

Kudus, Ibis

Oval spider webs can catch small birds.

At the bird hide, Katrin and I saw male mating Southern Red Bishops. They colour up more than usual when trying attract female.

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