Dec. 18/17.Kei Mouth

This morning we awoke to no rain but it didn’t take long before it started again. Looking out from the balcony of the guys place after breaky, there was 2 wildebeests also known as brindle gnus.

In the late 1920’s a hippo named Hubert (named that after a year of people watching it on the move) walked from Mkuse to Kei Mouth and beyond, a distance of over 1600 kms. It was renamed Euberta when discovered it was female.

We were dropped off at the beach town of Kei Mouth at about 9:45…. to be pIcked up at 2. Coming down the hill ….what a view of the ocean(Indian) with white caps & white sandy beaches. As we got out of the truck we see a very rocky shore with pounding waves. It kind of reminded me of Tofino storm watching. It’s blowing but only misting….. later quite pouring. Our bright yellow ponchos got use today….. finally.

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