Dec. 17/17

Leave Lotheni in Drakensburg Mountains at 6:35am. Within 5 minutes Brian spotted a jackal. Would you believe along the side of the high mountain road growing wild, yellow calla lilies.

It must be laundry day at the Zulu villages we passed…. ladies walking along with baskets of clothes piled on their heads…. down to the river scrubbing on the rocks. It seems to me that instead of house numbers, each family unit paints all of their houses one colour so if you wast to invite someone to you’re home, you tell them the colour not the house number.

Big cattle and dairy businesses. We had the most severe “African massage” coming out of the mountains. Everyone clapped when we got back on paved road…. better but still with big holes inter-disbursed with speed bumps again.

Shortly after a bushy,bushy stop & coffee on the go, we leave KwaZulu province and enter East Cape province. Almost immediately there is another checkpoint with oodles and oodles of police. Make work project??? But they are checking for papers for carrying many passengers as well as checking for poachers….. especially during summer/Christmas holidays. Also so many radar traps everywhere you go.

Leif was saying that in Sweden they have a solar hot water …. don’t have to have sun cuz radiation goes through clouds. …cost about 350 Euros plus exchanger.

Went through Mt. Frere….. so extremely busy…. Sunday…… Everyone dressed in their Sunday going to meeting/church best! But….. the town was disgustingly filthy with garbage dumped everywhere.

Stopped at Mthatha for groceries and of course the pit stop. University here that Nelson Mandela. Rough neighbourhood…. guard warned us about taking money from cash machine!

Stopped for lunch at 2:05… finally at a memorial marker for Mandela.

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  1. gailgrant49 Post author

    “African massage” was a humorous way of saying that the road was so bumpy that we got the shit shook out of us.
    Some areas are not as safe as others. Would you get cash from an ATM in the downtown east side??? Just saying…..



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