Dec. 16/17 in Drakensburg Mountains

This morning we awoke to brilliant sunshine in this incredible mountainous landscape. Most of us set out on a hike into the mountains including me. Unfortunately after about 3 kms I needed to take a break. I told the others to go on,that I would make my own way back. What a relief it was to come back to the cool interior of our cabin.

Everyone seemed to be exhausted when they got back… pooped out from their hike that many had naps. Brian made an awesome dinner a beef stew of some sort but on top of white corn (the yellow husk had been removed…. then boiled). It’s Martina’s 52nd birthday so she had provided cake/pie. To bed early…. up at 5:15….breaky at 5:45.

It’s so nice to having the breeze blow on you as you lay in bed…from the open window…. no malaria mosquitos. Up early tomorrow.

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