Dec. 15/17

Leave this lovely Zululand Resort in Mhkuzi owned by Sunway at about 7:15. I’d certainly consider coming and stay here again if I ever was to come back. I loved sleeping in a permanent tent with the breeze blowing through.

It’s cloudy today so cooler for a long 500+/- kms 7 plus hour journey to Drakensburg Mountains. Hopefully no crappy weather though cuz otherwise we’ll have to take a longer route on more bumpy road.

Big pulp and paper mill near Richards Bay. Everywhere pineapple fields.

At the toll stops at this time of school…..summer holidays, lots of young people selling produce…. lychees, to make some money to buy Christmas presents.

Durban has the largest Indian population in the world outside of India. They comprise 24.5% of the population of 8 million. Durban has huge container shipping harbour.

Past Pietermaritzburg to Howick for groceries, liquor and water. Back on road finally at almost 2pm.

“Ianda”…guide at Mandela capture site. In 1962… spent 27 yrs in prison. “The Long Road to Freedom” where we stopped for lunch.

What an incredible “sculpture” made in his image. It so moved me. Amazing too, how the artist made it.

4:10 back on road.

OMG is this area gorgeous…. in a way like Unalaska in the Aleutians or maybe some places in NFLD. Bumpy roads…. terrible…, hurt my back….. tomorrow just hiking that may just kill me.

We had a braai (bbq) with impala squers and sausages, corn on cob and cooked veggies. Yum! Our guides are amazing. It may not be gourmet but for the most we are well fed.

Anna suggested “borrowmy” if you want to have a dog and still be able to travel.

1 thought on “Dec. 15/17

  1. Rae

    Hi there Gail, I only get a chance to see the pictureson face book or some of them, but that sculpture is amazing. Very talented or did they or he do it by Lazer? It’s still amazing. What beautiful country.



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