Goa… smallest state of India …Nov. 14/17

Port city is Vasco da Gama 
It cost our guide 9 lex rupees (whatever that means…. he was going to calculate it for us later but forgot) for this brand new Toyota car with A/C. We were his first paying passengers. He was very proud. Our driver is a chef that will be soon working for MSC cruises. 

A number of yellow and black tuk-tuks unlike Mumbai that didn’t seem to have any.  

Our driver Sushant (means very silent….. oops that’s a misnomer. He was great!)has lots of goals set for himself before he gets married…. to have his life all settled. And to see the world. 

There was one roundabout that went around a hydro pole. India generally keeps moving because they use lots of “round-abouts”

The whole area was covered in tropical vegetation…. could be quite nice even though it was a little on the dirty side. Sushant says they are working to clean it up. 

Jeanette spent money shopping for clothing. I didn’t! I spent it on jewelry! Aren’t you all surprised???

1 thought on “Goa… smallest state of India …Nov. 14/17

  1. Rae

    Hahaha Ireally am not surprised. Iam trying to catch up on my mail so don’tbe surprised when these comments come misplaced. Sounds fun though but too long in the water for me. Hugs

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