Somewhere in the Indian Ocean. …….Nov. 21/17

Good news…. the agent in Cochin has found my ipad. Problem is that I will not be able to get it back until after I arrive home. The sister company…. Seven Seas Regent will be picking it up…… transporting it to Singapore where it will be sent to Oceania head office in Miami. I know…. it would have been great if they could have. 

We are somewhere in the Indian Ocean miles/kilometres from anywhere. (the distance from the Maldives to the Seychelles is over 1100 nautical miles). Yesterday we had the “kissing of the fish” and other silliness related to crossing of the equator. We actually didn’t cross it until around dinner time (God forbid that we should have our dinner interrupted). There was a little bump when we went over it….. lol! As the cruise director said…..people check their toilets to see the change of direction when flushing but that in the case of being on a cruise ship” the toilets still just suck”…. another lol!The captain informed us that we were travelling in the area of high seas piracy but that he didn’t expect any trouble seeing as we were 500 plus nautical miles from the coast. In any case if there was trouble that we should stay low to the floor and stay away from the windows and balconies. Last evening we also had the captains party for previous guests of Oceania where there was lots of appies and the drinks were flowing freely. One thing that was mentioned was that there are…….out of 650 passengers,167 from Canada and 280 from the US. The majority of the rest were from Britain, Australia and New Zealand but that there were many other countries represented between the passengers and staff. Our captain lives in Odessa and will be leaving us in the Seychelles. Also the guest lecturer Hanne will be leaving us there too. 

We have had strong winds and have been bucking the current for most of time since leaving the Maldives. On account of that we will be approx. 3 hours late arriving in the Seychelles tomorrow.  Apparently we will not be disappointed in the Seychelles unlike the Maldives. 

I think I am all caught up now. 

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