Elephanta Caves….Nov. 12-13/17

Below is what I wrote down while going to the Elephnta Caves but unfortunately I have nothing else on Mumbai …. that I can find other than the pictures that I posted to Facebook (with comments below each picture).

The Elephanta Caves were started 1500 years ago and took 2 centuries to complete.  

Made from volcanic ash that had turned to basalt 

First started by the Hindus, then the Buddhists and finally by the Jains ….up until 1180 AD. 

Theres are lots of macaque monkeys… (red long faced with no facial hair). They are also not very big. They are quick to steal any food they see even if you put into your pack. They will steal the pack.

The Hindus carved out these Caves making statues into the walls, of their god Shiva… the destroyer. I wrote down somewhere what the type of cave these were but cannot find it but that they were not naturally made caves but ones that had been chizzled out of the rock. 

We noticed that there were quite a number of men chipping rock by hand…. making paving stones and whatnot…..and women in their saris carrying the rocks to and from the wherever, on their heads. Someone asked why they don’t do it with machinery. We were told that they keep doing it this way because they need to keep all those people employed. 

Here I’m going strictly on memory on Mumbai. It’s air was polluted and the traffic congested but not nearly as bad as Delhi’s. I wouldn’t mind returning to Delhi and other places in India one day but I wouldn’t care to ever return to Mumbai. There really isn’t anything that is particularly “attractive”. Somethings were “interesting” besides the Elephanta Caves though…. the one billion dollar home belonging to the Tata family, the snake that was attached by the workers at the Hanging Gardens (really just unkept gardens over a water reservoir) and Dhobi Ghat where they do the city’s laundry. That was pretty amazing. 

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