Muscat, Oman-Nov. 9/17

Muscat (sounds like moo-scat), Oman. Nov 9/17
Greeted our guide…. can’t say his name…… in totally different head gear. Speaks English but was very hard to understand. 

Surrounded by UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen and Omanian Sea

Temps 20-45 C. Today 33c

The present ruler has no children or brothers… all alone…. peace broker between US and Iran. 

Oh my this is a beautiful country compared to what we have seen. Drive through windy roads (Colleen and Pam.. not sure if you could take this)… along sea shore, lots of flowers along the boulevards…. rugged mountains…. beautiful!

So nice to get out on the waters see thousands of dolphins…… some flying up into the air and some spinning. Very cool! Wish we could swim with them. 

We stopped the boat to go snorkelling….. lots of little fishes….yellow and black striped, some all dark blue with bright yellow tails, some all yellow with dark fringes, etc. Some people saw cuttlefish, others turtles. I didn’t. Certainly wished I had a “go-pro”. Hopefully Richard from Van will email pictures. 

What I have seen so far is very beautiful. …. not what I was expecting. Eileen did say though that it was gorgeous. She was so right. 

28 desalination plants. There is very little rain. 

1 million barrels of oil per day. 

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