Fujairah, UAE November 8/17. 

Today already at 8am it was 38 C. Who knows how high it will get?!?!

No photos of the port or will have cameras confiscated. 

Fujairah means agriculture….. only place in UAE there is agriculture. 

Different climate…. 120 mm rain per year…. because of Hagar MTS to rear of the city. Crops are tomatoes squash onion cucumber carrots. 

Fujairah Fort from 15th century

Lots mountains so industry of rock crushing and cement …… used in construction in Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

Largest oil bunkering port after Singapore….. 2.7 m barrels/ day…. 362 km pipelines. Bring oil from Abu Dhabi to Arabian Sea…. so help Fujairah. OMG you have no idea how huge this tank farm is it goes on for miles and miles. It’s hard to say how any deep they are too. 

Local Mosque 6 minirats 

They have confessionals in mosques. 

Fujairah supplies water to other emriates 

Sharjah 3rd largest state and religious centre. 

Only 25% educated in this emirate. Used to have gambling but the local citzens gambled all their money so then it was totally banned. 

55C-140 F temp in summer so excellent for growing dates. 

65% of locals are diabetics partly from eating too much sugar …….from dates. 

Dates so says our guide, are good for sex. 

Dowery to woman’s side in UAE
Prison system is like 3 star residence. 

Sharia law (UAE) is different than Islamic law (Saudi Arabia……eg. stealing calls for hand to be cut off). 

Shia… only listen to the iman, 

Sunni…UAE no protest, educated, follow Koran. More open for women. 

Shia don’t believe in Mohammed

75000 Dirham $25,000 US for rent per year for 1 bedroom, kitchen & living room 


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