Abu Dhabi-Nov. 7/17

We will be going to see 1-2 century tombs and camel market

86% of area of UAE is Abu Dhabi……has 90% of the oil, is the commercial centre +capital, is the richest in the world. Abu Dhabi means “father of deer” because where deer are means there is water,

Dubai is only 4% area of UAE

Al Ain to where we were going, means “place of the water springs”. It is an oasis. 

Camels can survive for 6-7 days without water, two weeks no food….why they are called the ships of desert.

There is only is 354 days in Arabic calendar…11 days less than our calendar. That’s why Rammaden is different every year. 

The rope worn around the neck on the men that is like a tie contains perfume to sniff to camouflage stench of camels.

Camel rope on head translated means  “control” in Arabic. They put it around the legs of the camels when the stopped for the night or a rest or for eating is so that the camels cannot walk great distances in their search for food.  It is also worn to remember their history.

Dubai is free zone…no tax, no customs….in order to attract more ships with container goods.

64 mega ships can be docked in Dubai

Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia no tax or customs between each other.  Sheikh Rachid implemented this idea. 

We saw a “cool” building … panels opens as it gets shaded from sun and closes as the sun hits the building …..very cool!

Only son, husband, father, brother, father in law are the only men allowed to see woman without covering….others cannot.

Natives (local citizens) cannot live in apartment….only houses because apts cannot provide privacy for women.

Only 3% of population is native….rest are foreigners.

Use drip system for irrigation of trees. There is lots of greenery along the highways….also parks.

Sheikha (mother) Fatima……have separate room in her house to discuss important issues with widows.

Abu Dhabi has been ruled by Zayed since 1971.  He is revered.

1968 Abu Dhabi joined Dubai to become UAE …in ’71 they were joined by other 5 emirates

Abu Dhabi pays for poor Fujairah’s infrastructure because of their strategic location

30% of the “supreme council” is women. Women are also in the police, military, pilots, etc. 

Recycle water from washing is used to irrigate….separate from waste. 

It wasn’t until 1973 that Saudi Arabia was formed.
Hili Park Tombs….from 3 thousand years ago…..are in the process of being reconstructed. The people of this time ( the Bronze and Iron Age) believed in the afterlife……they believed that men were reborn as fetus’

White camels are from Saudi Arabia. Tall and thin camels more valuable  because they can run faster……as much as 65 km/hr. 

There is always a leader and follower in camel herds……for control.

Lots of trees along the highway planted to prevent the highways from being covered by sand.

Competition amongst Bedouin date palm growers…..first prize $300,000, 2nd is ?….. and so forth. 

Falcons are very important to the local citizens. They go to hospital once a month at $75 a visit, fir a checkup. The falcons have pedicures etc. If they are taken on flight, the owner has to pay for seat ….falcons have their own passport. Kennel stays for falcons in hospital. $75/day. 20,000- 100,000$ to buy.

Ghaf trees ….from cineria family eaten by camels….type of antibiotics for camels. They also protect the roads from sandstorms.

Date palms are started not from seed but from the growth beside the female parent trees.. the sand storm winds in March or April pollinate naturally

Al Ain is really quite lovely…..beautiful grounds, wide boulevard ….max 6 story buildings unlike Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

We stopped by a camel market. There were hundreds and hundreds ….. probably a thousand.  Camels are worth between $1500-3700 each. 

Foreigners can get license to buy alcohol but must buy it from one of only two locations in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Muslims cannot get a license to buy alcohol but are allowed to go to a licensed hotel and pay the price but they cannot drink and drive….just like at home.

The head and face coverings are not dictated by their religion but by the custom of their tribe. What makes it interesting is that in Canada, the politically correct give us the nonsense that the Muslims must have their religious freedom allowing them to  cover their faces.

Men wear white robes because they are exposed to the heat more than women whereas women go only from inside a tent or building to another tent or building so they don’t need the white robes. 


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