Portofino, Italy & Camoglia Oct. 10/16

Portofino is on the Bay of Liguria….is our first stop after leaving Rome where we left some of our passengers and picked up a new group.

Our tour us a boat tour of the Italian Riviera Out of Portofino.

Since 1933 Portifino and the coastline has been a regional park…a protected area. Another ruggedly beautiful coastline……with next to no houses.

 First stop was a beautiful bay with a monastery ….a two hour walk away from Portofino or the other closest town, San Roche. There are no roads. It is a very hard walk up the mountain, along the top and over. The monastery was built in 12th century. In the winter there are only three people living there because of the difficulty of getting I and out.

Camoglia is the next town.  It’s on the Bay of Paradise. Called the 1000 sailings.  There used to be 580 boats …..lmore than Hamburg, Germany

The houses are very tall and brightly coloured….the reasons are that it is less expensive because it is such a mountainous area and painted so the men, fisherman or sailors could recognized their homes from the sea as they were passing by.

Portofino is gorgeous as is Camoglia.  I would love to return to this area again.

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