Naples, Italy …….Saturday the 8th

As mentioned in the previous post, we docked in Naples as opposed to anchoring off Sorrento.  The reason being inclement weather…..which only occured during the night.  The day was beautiful and sunny, an absolutely gorgeous day.  It was perfect for visiting and viewing this spectacular coast of Italy.  Because we arrived in Naples instead of Sorrento, it was further to go so it looked like we not going be able to visit Positano, the one place I really wanted to see.  My friend Judie and husband Iain had stayed there for a week a couple of years ago and raved about it.  So you can imagine I was disappointed but, as it turned out, for an extra 7€ and cutting short our visit in Sorrento, we all got to see it.  Oh, it was well worth it.  Breathtaking scenery.  I had taken a boat ride along the Amalfi Coast from Salerno to Amalfi back in 2011.  That was oh so beautiful too but this, with a different point of view, driving along steep cliffs with hairpin turns on extremely narrow roads was, I would say, much more spectacular.  Apparently there are 24 plus lookout huts built along the cliffs to keep an eye out for pirates and such.  We did get to shop and look around Sorrento so it was a power shop for many.  Some bought leather jackets and purses and some linen clothing.  From there it was to the Lemon farm where Pam and Janie had stayed at a couple of years ago.  It was in a lovely location not far from Sorrento.  We were fed fresh homemade bread, mozzarella cheese, salami and proscruito.  And then came the limoncello in 3 different forms.  Oh my, there were some very happy people.  What a fabulous day we had!

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