Rome for me….October 9th

Having been to Rome twice before so when there was a mess up with meeting our vans that were to take us into the city….a drive of around an hour and 15 min. each way, I chose to stay back.  I just went back to the ship to have a relaxing day doing not much of anything.  It was a must needed break.  Linda and 20+ others did go in.  They did Rome in 3 hours or less.  Too fast for this “cripple”.

It was a terrible rip off if you ask me.  There were supposed to be 5 vans to meet us……36 people.  Here we all are standing around in a group, no one saw any sign with “Pamela” written on it.  We then thought maybe they were at the entrance to the port so took the shuttle to the entrance.  We then hung around and waited.   Nothing.   We were to meet these vans at 7:45 with all leaving at 8 and now it is around 10:30.  Finally we got communication that they were at the pier waiting for us but would come to the entrance.  When they arrived there were only 3 vans.  They had sent 2 away so of course not all could ride in.  That’s when I chose not to go.  I also knew that the amount of time that we were to be in Rome was pushing it so to have it reduced a further 3 hours was going to be crazy.


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