Gythion Greece….June 4/15. Continuing story of my travels in the Mediterranean.

I am home but have not completed my stories.  The wifi on the ship and in Rome was not ideal never mind the fact that we were always so busy that I didn’t have the time to do it all.

Gythion, Greece ……..on the Peloponnese…….a word/place I hadn’t heard of since high school.  It is the original port for Sparta….remember your high school history?.. This was another day that we had to catch a tender to shore.  No tour planned here.  It’s a smallish town about 5000 people.  Not sure when it was first inhabited but most building are from the last 2 centuries.  There is a derelict theatre built in the 1st century.  One thing that is so pretty is seeing all the fish boats lined up around the harbour with the buildings going up the side of the hill.  First thing we noticed when walking along the dock was that they had octopus’ hanging up… dry I guess.  We walked along the shore and onto a little peninsula to reach the lighthouse.  Along the way someone pointed out that the fire hydrant had numerous large snails climbing up it… search of water???  The word is that Gythion is known for its many beautiful beaches but none were apparent to us.  We found one (not a very good one that was somewhat rocky) and took our first swim in the Mediterranean.  It is so amazing the crystal clearness of the water (not what you would expect) and ……smooth as glass, until we were swimming for a while.  Then for some strange reason, the waves started to pound in???  Was it the result of an earthquake?  This whole area is an earthquake zone.  The town has numerous cafes along the harbour so stopped for a bite on our way back too the ship.  A funny thing someone pointed out…..there was a Greek man working……painting.  


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