Malta….June 13, 2015

Oh my God what a beautiful entrance to the harbour. I heard this is an absolutely breathtaking city with its steep, very high walls but until you see it, that means nothing.  The harbour itself has about 5 or 6 finger that extend out from the main part plus it is entirely within the outline of the island.

What a start to my day i’ve had. On returning to the cabin first thing this morning i spilled cappuccino all over the carpet. After breaky, i did it again in almost the same area. I’m getting nervous. Then…….i couldn’t find the room key to get off the boat. Finally i found it and so 3 incident came and went without any serious harm.

Built in 16th century. Immediately it was built as a fortified city.

A former British colony, it got its independence in 1964. The brutish retained a military base i think until it became a republic in ’74.  

Oh oh….they drive on the left. Roads are very narrow and definitely not made for buses. Many times a car coming the other way would have to back up to let us by. Or they would have to alternate pulling off to the side.

Around 5000BC it first became inhabited 

420,000 pop…highest density of population in Europe. There are 1200/square kilometre. 1/3 pop involved with tourism to some degree. Micro chip, tech industries, maintenance for Lufthansa are some of the other means of income in Malta.

Med, prescriptions, hospitalization and university with stipend to residents are all free to the Maltese but they have a 35% tax rate.

Sirocco wind blows in summer.

We also stop by to see the Dingli Cliffs.  True they are steep……straight down but we werent as close to them as i would have liked.

There are 360 churches

Mosta church is the 3rd largest unsupported dome in Europe, built in 1866. It is 60 metres high inside.

All buildings are made from limestone ……a sort of honey colour.

The knights of order of St. John.

Maltese language is a combination of Semitic, English, French and Italian. English is the other official language besides Maltese.

Separation of property by rock wall as in Wales also to prevent erosion in high rains.

Bitra is name of prickly pear liqueur 

Mdina means fortified city, was the former capital… Now it is the cityiof the nobel. Only has 300 residents. They are the only ones that can drive in it. Good thing because there is no place to part and the roads are almost too narrow for even one car to pass by. We entered through Greek’s gate. In the middle ages, all building were only one story. As shown in picture, one was built 1300s then 2nd story added for wedding reception later….i think in the 1700’s.

Hospitality comes from the word hospital… To care for people…..but for men only!

1700 st. Paul’s the most important cathedral of whole island. Patron saint of Malta.

Aleppo pine trees survive the salt spray and with no water.


60% own homes.

Hopsbizet ..bread, olive oil, tomatoes and capers and or olives…common snack.

4 desalination plants, some springs

Good scuba diving. 

“Attard”…..posh neighbourhood where embassies and the like are. 

From this area we stopped onto a glass blowing factory and shop as well as a filigree shop. Then it was back to the ship for lunch. Food again.

Now i am up on the consierge deck enjoying the sun and pool even if it is blowing like the devil.

I have to saw again, what an awesome, mouth-gaping place this is.  If you ever have the chance…….

I have not been having much success posting pictures but i will try again.

2 thoughts on “Malta….June 13, 2015

  1. Chris Truden

    What awsome discriptions my friend. You should be a travel writer. I donèt know if you are getting these comments. Hugs Chris



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