Cephalonia (Kefalonia) June 3/15

Kephalonia is the name of this Greek island.  It is in the Ionian Sea.  It is gets a lot earthquakes.  Argostoli is capital.  Previous to the 1953 earthquake, the population went from 130,000 to 38,000 population.  I guess the residents decided then that it was a good time to leave.

There are a lot of fish farms where they grow sea bass and sea bream.

British in here in 1809 came. They built a bridge across lagoon at Argostoli that if you an identifying symbol of the city.

Myrtos beach is the most photographed in Europe according to our guide. I have pictures.

When the Venicians were here, lot of the cyprus trees were cut down and used for pier poles in Venice partly i guess, because they don’t rot but mostly because they are perfectly straight.  

Scorpios-Onassis’ island Maria callas lover before Jackie Kennedy

Ithaca 5 largest Ionian island seen off coast.  It was the home of Odysseus

Loggerhead turtles are endangered. The females are 15 yrs old before they reproduce. Of the 50-70 eggs produced, only 1 in 100 survive. While the females nest, the males forage. Apparently 48 males were counted in harbour last year so they are increasing in numbers. Here is the only place males will be found in groups. Usually they go solo.

Monk seal are endangered as well.

Melizzani Lake, one of the reason for this tour, is 40 x 160 metres and 40 feet deep. The water from this lake actually enters from the ocean through “swallow” holes near Argostoli and goes underground till it enters what was a totally underground lake (before the top fell in). It enters as 100% salt water but returns 50% fresh water at Sami, the 3rd largest town on Kefalonia .

The island is made up almost entirely from limestone so it soaks up winter rains into caves. The water returns as springs. Consequently the island is quite green.

 Summer is from May for 5/6 months : 20-22-24C. In May to 28 in June, 30s in July, high 30s in August. Sept into 20s, October about 15 degrees and Jan/February 1-8 deg. They do get some snow. Mt. Enos 11,000′. The lower slopes of the mountain is covered with the Kephalonia fir tree…black Xmas tree.  

Cafenion is the name for local coffee shops where local men gather to talk about politics and whatever.

St. Gerasamus is the patron saint. He became a saint because every time they had to move his grave, his body never decomposed.

The price of gas here is 1.59E / l……a bit higher than ours was when we left. About $2.22 CAD. Yikes!

They grow48 different varieties of grapes

Ravolo is the name of medium/dry white wine.  

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  1. Chris Truden

    Gail I love to read your blogs as they are so full of information. I hope that you share your pictures with me i would love to see them. It wonèt be long and you will be back home again. Eileen and Doug are coming sometime on Monday for a week. That makes me really happy as i miss her. Have good last days! Big hugs, Chris

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