Chania, Crete June 11/15

The lighthouse on the entrance of Chania harbour was built in 1500s. There quite a lot of ruins all around the old part of the city. It is quite lovely with again, sidewalk cafes around the harbour. It looks much like Venice. Crete, I’ve been told, was heavily bombed by the Germans during the 2nd World War. It is really a pity since this is where much of civilization began and so there is great lose to the ancient buildings. I dont know in which time period they were built but they are ancient. The old city area (we did not go very far afield) is really a shoppers haven. None of us went on any organized tours. I actually spent on a few special fashion pieces. Others bought silver jewelry. After shopping we stopped at one if those lovely harbour-side restaurants, for lunch. Then together 6 of us walked to the nearest beach. It was sandy, had a gradually slope and there was no garbage floating in the water. It was so nice just to cool down for a while in the sea. Actually the weather has not been too hot..,.around 23/24 C …… So not bad. It was a very enjoyable day off the ship. Tomorrow is a sea day and tonight we get to sleep an extra hour. That means we will be back on Rome time… 9 hours ahead of home. 


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